"Tired" by David Macklin

I was tired; so unbelievably tired. Days would come and go; days where I could barely pull myself from the confines, from the warm cocoon of my bedding. You see, life had provided me with a manual on how to dream and oh how large those dreams were! There was nothing I couldn't do within my mind. From hiking the longest trail to being the next great spiritual teacher, the dream "know-how" was there. What life had not provided me with however was actually how to live those dreams or how to make them come true. 

My life had somehow taken a turn during my 20s and continued until my 40s. I'd gone from dreamer to what can only be described as a sleep or "zombie" state of being. I had fallen in life behind others who were also living their lives the same way. The alarm clock would buzz, I'd head to work, do my job, head home, eat dinner, set the alarm, go to bed and before I knew it, the same pattern would begin again the next day. It seemed to be a never-ending cycle. I was not happy with it but I could not seem to break free from its hold.

I could not seem to pinpoint the origin of my misery. I had grown so used to its hold on me even though I did not enjoy it. I had to find out what it was in order to change it. I suppose my calling card hit me when I was about 45. It wasn't one of those giant, cosmic "slaps". It was more subtle than one would probably imagine.

It arrived in the way of an article; just a random article online. One sentence hit me like a two by four. It stated quite simply that, "Creative people are not happy with desk jobs." As I mentioned, it wasn't anything that one might initially consider to be life-altering but for me it was. I had just discovered the origin of my misery and knew within that very moment that it needed to change. The question became, "How?" How was I going to change it? How did I change it? 

I was so tired, so very tired. I knew that I had no choice but to change it. I could not continue to live myself in such a state; such a state of this sleep-like state of random, ceaseless wandering. 

Check back next week to the continuation of David's journey and find out just how he changed his life (and what he's doing today!).