Who We Are — The People of Translation Love


Meet Rev. Evin Wilkins, Unity minister and co-founder of Translation Love!

Evin's passion and love of education drove him to not only obtain his Master of Education (M.Ed) degree, but to also become a New Thought minister. 

A freelance writer and intuitive Indigo, Evin feels a calling to spread messages of faith, hope, inspiration and passion through his writing, teachings, workshops, books, and articles.

Evin's spiritual journey began several years ago when he began to feel a nudge that life was pushing him onto a different path. Becoming dissatisfied with Corporate America, he began to embark upon a journey of spiritual growth and discovery. His motto? "The best is yet to come!"

Meet Mindy Wilkins, events coordinator and co-founder of Translation Love!

Combine a spiritual journey, an entrepreneurial spirit, an intuitive empath, a love of people....and you've got Mindy. Mindy's love of the Earth and all things holistic took her on an amazing journey of discovery.

She looks forward to sharing that journey with everyone.