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It's Indeed a Beautiful Day!

Good morning, everyone! It's a beautiful day. As I let my dogs out this morning, I stood in the yard, staring toward the sun as it began it's beautiful, artistic ascent into the morning sky. My first thought to myself was, "It is indeed a beautiful day!"

Yesterday was a day of grief for some, a day of celebration for others. News revealed a mix of protests, tears, joy, fear, anger and a wide range of emotion.

Regardless as to whether your chosen presidential candidate won the election or not, it is a time to ban together. It is a time to recognize our oneness with each other as spiritual beings, having a human experience.

It is time to visualize the world we wish to have for not only ourselves, but for our leaders as well. It is time to visualize strength, wisdom, knowledge, love, peace and kindness. It is time to visualize this for every person we meet.

Don't look down or barely glance at another person as you pass on the sidewalk. Catch and look into their eyes, if only briefly. It is there where you will witness "the window to the soul". It is there where you will glimpse, if only for a second, our oneness with each other.

Don't give up hope. Continue to pray, continue to meditate, continue to love, continue to visualize.

Don't let this change you. Always remember who you are at your core. Always remember that we are indeed, one.