translation love

Drowning Out the False Noise

We are never alone. You may be sitting in your car without another person next to you. You may be walking a trail, sitting in your home, working in your garden or doing anything else without another person in sight but, you are not alone.

You may feel entirely alone in the vast universe, feeling as if no one is there to offer assistance on what feels like the darkest of nights.

You may feel lost, feeling as if you do not know which decision could be the "right" decision. You may wonder if you will look back years from now feeling grateful for the decision you made or perhaps regretful.

You may wonder the steps to take right now to move your life in an entirely different direction, a direction that brings glee and joy to your life yet, you may wonder why the silence is deafening.

You are not alone and the silence is not deafening, for it is within that silence, within yourself where you will find the answers. Those answers are in fact, already there. God, Spirit, the Universe, whatever you call that energy is already there, inside. It contains all of the answers you need right this moment and all of the answers you will ever need but, you must listen. You must be willing to drown out the noise and listen.

The noise is not always the external sounds around you. It is sometimes the noise that is within you, the noise coming from the mind. It is sometimes that noise falsely telling you that neither decision is the right decision or that you could never achieve your most coveted dream.

We sometimes allow this false noise, this false noise that comes from the judgment of others or from the judgment of ourselves to dictate our lives and our decisions. We allow it through what we feel the world expects from us or whatever it is that makes others comfortable, even if at the expense of ourselves.

Have you ever noticed how the people that seem to be the happiest are those that are their "own person"? What I mean by this is that they don't seem to care what others think. I don't mean this in an immoral way. Think of the person who seemingly designs their own fashion and style, regardless as to whether or not someone else is wearing the same thing. Or, think of the person who dares to share her own opinion in a room full of others who completely disagree or, the marathon runner missing both legs below the knee who was told he'd never run again.

These people do not allow the false noise to take up residence. They go within and listen to the voice within themselves, the voice that tells them that they can and that anything is possible. They allow themselves to fully trust that inner voice, that voice that tells them that they can make a difference or that they can live the life they dream of living.

We hear this voice when we drown out the false noise and we drown out this false noise by going within. It is in that silence we begin to listen, to hear, and to know.

- Translation Love

It's Time to Dance With JOY!

I ponder the topic as I prepare the lesson this week's version of adult version "Sunday School" at church. That topic is "joy".....

So often we sit and think about such things as:

"When I retire, I can finally find peace!"

"I will be so happy if I get that new job!"

"I will be happy once I finish school!"

"If only I could find the perfect partner. I could finally live my life!"

It could be a derivative of any of those things or anything really. There's a major problem with statements such as these. That problem is that we are under the assumption that a source outside of ourselves is responsible for our joy. We sit in the expectation that once an outer event FINALLY occurs, we can experience true joy and true happiness.

It's not about that however. It's all about YOU and what is inside of you. You and you alone are responsible for your joy. I know many times it feels easier said than done. I know it's difficult to sit there after a job loss and loudly proclaim, "I FEEL JOY!! WHOOO-HOOO!"

Ideally, the paths we experience in life take us from Point A to Point B without any hindrance. We arrive at the destination completely unscathed. Yet, would we have learned anything? What if that path isn't so straight? What if we experience crossroads, flat tires and other challenges along the way? What if, just what if you actually learn to trust yourself and the process? What if that flat tire allows you to actually exit the comfortable confines of your vehicle, forcing you to pay attention to the sounds of nature that would otherwise be muted by the sounds of your car engine? What if that beautiful landscape provides the artist with the perfect blend of colors she will use to create a beautiful painting?

Our perspective can bring us joy or it can bring us something less but is that what you really want? Is it really worth living a life of "when" or "if only"?

That joy is within you right now. Choose to take it. Choose to grab it by force because it's yours and nothing or no one can take that joy from you. It's yours.