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It's Monday

Walk into work this morning and ask someone, "How are you this morning?" I'm willing to bet that if you ask at least five people this question, you will get at least one who will answer with, "It's a Monday." I hate to say it but with that answer? Yep, it's going to be "a Monday".

I'm not trying to feign innocence here. I spent years of my life answering that very way or at least feeding into the conversation when someone responded to me that way (and when I say "feeding into", I mean jumping right into negativity).

Monday signifies that the weekend is truly over. Monday mornings signify the beginning of for most people, five days of work. This can lead in so many directions but let's think about only one or two in this post. Let's focus first on why it is that a person might not be feeling a Monday.

The first reason I can think of is that he/she is doing work that they aren't passionate about. The ol' "I need money to live and this provides that" type of work. The ol' "I need to pay bills and this is what does it so doesn't matter whether or not I like it" type of thing. Oh how I have been there! The notions that work isn't meant to be enjoyed or that you can enjoy your life once you hit retirement age are so often adhered to because we feel and are told by society or well-intentioned family members or friends that it is what we are supposed to do.

I could write an entire book on this topic but alas, it is a blog post. So let me ask the question of why in the world do so many of us do something merely because we feel it is what we are supposed to do? Now, I'm not talking about breaking the law here, or anything else of that nature. I am talking about the way we move about and navigate our lives. We so often fall into the pit of doing things a certain way because someone else says we should.

From the clothes we wear, to the cars we drive, to the religious or spiritual paths we follow.....

Let me ask you this question...when are you going to decide or really, to realize and acknowledge that you have power over your own life, that you are the author and as the author, have the power to add the words to the pages of your life?

As the saying goes, "if not now, when?"


- Translation Love