The Rain Reminds Me

I look out the window and I see the rain. I see the fog as it moves across the sky, the swaying of the trees as the wind breathes her breath of life upon the life that thrives upon the planet. The river swells and churns with each strong gust.

I see these things and I begin to think about the natural unfoldment of life, specifically nature. The wind blows because she knows it's what she should do. She realizes that part of her purpose is to move the leaves and the water. She does so without ponder and without fear. The fog seamlessly moves across the sky and the rain falls, providing nourishment for the trees, along with animals and humans alike. 

None of them, the rain, fog, or wind question why. They do so because they are living their purpose. A bear doesn't question whether or not he should grab the fish. He does so because it is his nature. It is part of what he was made to do.

Why as humans, are we so fearful of living our purpose? Why do we ponder? Why do we fear?  

When you feel fear, remember the wind. When you feel fear, remember the fog and the rain. When you feel fear, remember the bear that catches the fish. When you feel fear, remember that you have a purpose and that everything, yes everything is okay. 

- Translation Love