moving past fear

The Rain Reminds Me

I look out the window and I see the rain. I see the fog as it moves across the sky, the swaying of the trees as the wind breathes her breath of life upon the life that thrives upon the planet. The river swells and churns with each strong gust.

I see these things and I begin to think about the natural unfoldment of life, specifically nature. The wind blows because she knows it's what she should do. She realizes that part of her purpose is to move the leaves and the water. She does so without ponder and without fear. The fog seamlessly moves across the sky and the rain falls, providing nourishment for the trees, along with animals and humans alike. 

None of them, the rain, fog, or wind question why. They do so because they are living their purpose. A bear doesn't question whether or not he should grab the fish. He does so because it is his nature. It is part of what he was made to do.

Why as humans, are we so fearful of living our purpose? Why do we ponder? Why do we fear?  

When you feel fear, remember the wind. When you feel fear, remember the fog and the rain. When you feel fear, remember the bear that catches the fish. When you feel fear, remember that you have a purpose and that everything, yes everything is okay. 

- Translation Love


Enough Already - Moving Past the Fear

I sit here and I ask myself if the fear is really worth it. Let me add here that I'm not talking about fear that protects us say from crossing a busy street with a blindfold on. I'm talking about fear that holds us back, debilitates us, cements us like stone to where we currently stand, unable to move another step.

My spiritual growth and studies have led me to so many people who suffer this type of fear everyday. I am no exception. It sometimes places you almost into a catatonic state, one in which you feel as if moving is not at all possible. Whether it's fear of leaving an unhealthy relationship, a job that doesn't allow you to live your passion or anything really, it holds you to your spot like superglue. Day after day turns into month after month, then it's onto year after year of feeling stuck.

Most of the time the fear isn't even rational. I mean, how do we KNOW we should fear something we have never even tried? I remember how I used to freeze with fright over the mere thought of public speaking. I used to envision various scenarios from passing out, to losing control of myself and running off the stage uncontrollably. On the other hand, I felt that I was in a strange predicament because I was being called to ministry. Kind of difficult to be a minister or teacher of any kind if you can't speak in public! I knew the only way to move past it was to actually TRY it, to literally just jump and trust that my parachute would open. The opportunity presented itself when my minister asked if I would deliver the lesson to the congregation in her absence.

Knees quivering (thank goodness for pants with wide legs), armpits dripping and hands shaking, I approached the platform and something amazing happened. No, my nerves didn't calm down right away, but a voice began pouring out from my body. It almost felt as if someone else had started speaking. I looked out at the crowd (81 people that day) and eyes were on me. Some were nodding their heads, others staring at me, absorbing the words I was saying.

I could go on about my experience but the lesson was was NOT as bad as I had imagined it. My fear was completely unsubstantiated and completely irrational. I found there was simply no reason to fear something that I had never yet tried. The lesson I learned that day is that I was on the right path and that I may have never found that out if I hadn't taken that leap. I felt on fire that day. I felt as if I was walking on air. I found that public speaking fired me up and I was assured that yes, I was on the right path.

Maybe it's now time for you. What are you afraid of? Maybe it's time for you to yell out, "Enough already!" and to just do it.

I will take the leap with you.