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The Hidden Secret on How Not to Give Up

In his memoir, On Writing, Stephen King stated, “By the time I was 14, the nail in my wall would no longer support the weight of the rejection slips impaled upon it. I replaced the nail with a spike and kept on writing.” In fact, he received over 60 rejection letters before selling his first short story, The Glass Floor. This did not stop him from writing however. You may find yourself in a similar situation; a situation where you feel like giving up all because someone else is telling you that it’s time. My advice to you? Don’t.   

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I recently read an article that was titled, “When it’s Okay to Quit Your Job for Another One”. Seems like it might very well be an article stuffed full of good advice, doesn’t it? In fact, the title was a real attention grabber. I mean, I took the bait and I opened it. I even read it and I will say that yes, it did contain a lot of great advice but, let’s take another look. This article is telling me when it’s okay to quit my job and to find another one according to someone else and his/her own experience. While I may be able to glean some good advice from the experience of this person, their experience is not my own.

In actuality, I don’t need an article or anyone else really to tell me when it’s okay for me to find another job. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that such a decision is mine and mine alone? Or wouldn’t it also stand to reason that it’s okay any time I feel that it’s okay? Maybe I’m sounding a bit “preachy” here but you get the gist.  

I think that far too often, we let this kind of mentality rule our lives. We wait until someone else gives us permission or until society tells us that it’s okay. Why do we do this? We know what we want and need yet, it’s almost as if we don’t trust ourselves enough to let us know when it’s time or that it’s okay. We don’t trust ourselves to be our own guide.

Maybe I’m so passionate about this because this is how I lived my life for far too long. I was always seeking the approval of someone else before I’d move forward with something that I wanted to do. All it would take was for one person to tell me that it wasn’t a good idea and I’d let the dream go. I was told that it was not a good idea to leave that soul crushing desk job that I held onto much longer than I should have. I was told that I should be lucky that I had a job at all. In fact, I was told that I should be grateful for that job. Whether or not I was happy really didn’t factor in at all.  I was told that it wasn’t okay to move around to new places, to not wear my hair a certain way, to wear this or that…the list was truly endless. I’m sure that most of you can relate.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret here. You do not have to wait until someone tells you that it’s okay. You don’t need that approval from anyone other than yourself. You know when the time is right to do something. You know because you already have all of the answers that you need inside of you. When you really take the time to just be still and listen, you’ll find answers to all of the questions that you have right there inside of you. Someone else’s timeline for you isn’t what’s important because that is their story and not yours.

You don’t need anyone else’s approval. All you need is your own.

Releasing Control

I told her that there were days to where I was unsure as to whether or not I could prevent myself from literally grabbing my things and walking out. I used to experience those days only occasionally however now they were growing with an uninhibited frequency. What used to be far and few between was now at least every other day.

I knew I still had a blockage, and I knew that blockage was throwing a huge monkey wrench into the deal. I would sometimes picture myself 10 years down the road, stuck in the same story, thinking about how those in which I had shared my journey had moved on to bigger and better things. I begin to think that the true reason must somehow mean that I did not feel worthy enough to live a life of true fulfillment.

I told her about how I knew I couldn’t live a life stuck within the same story, and that I wasn’t certain as to what my options would be. I felt as if I had no one to really speak to about this, no one who would really understand. There had not yet been another to fulfill the shoes of that confidant, that mentor in my previous city. I felt as if the move while good in many ways, had stripped me of that gift. I knew another would come along in due time, but when? When would I be able to experience what I knew I was destined for?

In the back of my mind, I knew I was consumed with the details. In fact, I was often so consumed that I began to see how I was so often getting in my own way. It was almost as if I was on a road trip in the passenger seat of the car. For instance, I was aware that the driver knew the route. In fact, he knew the route better than anyone yet, I decided to keep butting in for some reason. I kept throwing him off by trying to take control. “Go here!” I’d yell one moment. “Wait, go there!” I’d decide the next minute.

It doesn’t work that way. It never has and it never will. We will never be able to enjoy the journey until we finally realize that we must be able to sit back and enjoy the ride. No one said that the ride wouldn’t happen without the occasional pot hole in the road. No one said that the journey would be linear, an easy straight line from Point A to Point B. What we can do however is trust. We can “be still and know”. We can lay our seat back and drift off into an easy, restful sleep knowing that the driver knows perfectly well where he or she is going and that when we get there, we’ll realize that each and every pot hole made perfect sense.

- Translation Love

It's Monday

Walk into work this morning and ask someone, "How are you this morning?" I'm willing to bet that if you ask at least five people this question, you will get at least one who will answer with, "It's a Monday." I hate to say it but with that answer? Yep, it's going to be "a Monday".

I'm not trying to feign innocence here. I spent years of my life answering that very way or at least feeding into the conversation when someone responded to me that way (and when I say "feeding into", I mean jumping right into negativity).

Monday signifies that the weekend is truly over. Monday mornings signify the beginning of for most people, five days of work. This can lead in so many directions but let's think about only one or two in this post. Let's focus first on why it is that a person might not be feeling a Monday.

The first reason I can think of is that he/she is doing work that they aren't passionate about. The ol' "I need money to live and this provides that" type of work. The ol' "I need to pay bills and this is what does it so doesn't matter whether or not I like it" type of thing. Oh how I have been there! The notions that work isn't meant to be enjoyed or that you can enjoy your life once you hit retirement age are so often adhered to because we feel and are told by society or well-intentioned family members or friends that it is what we are supposed to do.

I could write an entire book on this topic but alas, it is a blog post. So let me ask the question of why in the world do so many of us do something merely because we feel it is what we are supposed to do? Now, I'm not talking about breaking the law here, or anything else of that nature. I am talking about the way we move about and navigate our lives. We so often fall into the pit of doing things a certain way because someone else says we should.

From the clothes we wear, to the cars we drive, to the religious or spiritual paths we follow.....

Let me ask you this question...when are you going to decide or really, to realize and acknowledge that you have power over your own life, that you are the author and as the author, have the power to add the words to the pages of your life?

As the saying goes, "if not now, when?"


- Translation Love

We Find What We Seek

I received a text yesterday. In this text, I found the link to an article. Knowing the person who sent it to me, I clicked on it and as I read it, I began to realize that this person had sent this to me because she was angry. She completely disagreed with the opinions of those in the article. I reminded her that the article was just that, the opinions of other people and asked her why she would allow such a thing to create such anger in her life. She proceeds to tell me that it's because people and society as a whole, "suck". 

I found myself saddened by this statement. While I reminded her that this is simply not true, it also forced me to think about the fact that receiving this type of article from this person was not an uncommon occurrence. I reminded her that when we look for this type of thing and when we truly begin to believe that people do indeed "suck", that is what we are going to find. 

We have the power each and everyday to control the things we put into our minds. We have the power each and everyday to control the people we associate with, the things we read, the things we do.

Those things do in fact shape our perception of the world around us. When we choose to surround ourselves with and even go in search of (even if only on a subconscious level) the not so pleasant things in life, those things are going to come back to us. The same holds true for the positive. We search for it, it will find us.

So I challenge you to think about this as you go through your day. Think about the feelings and emotions you experience with the people you choose to surround yourself with, the things that you read and so forth. We are not powerless. We can help to shape our lives, our perceptions, and our thoughts and feelings toward certain situations. 

Now get out there and have a wonderful Friday and an excellent weekend.

- Translation Love

DISCLAIMER: I do want to note that I am stating that we should ignore anything that seems to be negative. Certain levels of anger can help change to occur but that is for a different conversation at another time. This post refers to the ways in which we perceive the world around us.

Drowning Out the False Noise

We are never alone. You may be sitting in your car without another person next to you. You may be walking a trail, sitting in your home, working in your garden or doing anything else without another person in sight but, you are not alone.

You may feel entirely alone in the vast universe, feeling as if no one is there to offer assistance on what feels like the darkest of nights.

You may feel lost, feeling as if you do not know which decision could be the "right" decision. You may wonder if you will look back years from now feeling grateful for the decision you made or perhaps regretful.

You may wonder the steps to take right now to move your life in an entirely different direction, a direction that brings glee and joy to your life yet, you may wonder why the silence is deafening.

You are not alone and the silence is not deafening, for it is within that silence, within yourself where you will find the answers. Those answers are in fact, already there. God, Spirit, the Universe, whatever you call that energy is already there, inside. It contains all of the answers you need right this moment and all of the answers you will ever need but, you must listen. You must be willing to drown out the noise and listen.

The noise is not always the external sounds around you. It is sometimes the noise that is within you, the noise coming from the mind. It is sometimes that noise falsely telling you that neither decision is the right decision or that you could never achieve your most coveted dream.

We sometimes allow this false noise, this false noise that comes from the judgment of others or from the judgment of ourselves to dictate our lives and our decisions. We allow it through what we feel the world expects from us or whatever it is that makes others comfortable, even if at the expense of ourselves.

Have you ever noticed how the people that seem to be the happiest are those that are their "own person"? What I mean by this is that they don't seem to care what others think. I don't mean this in an immoral way. Think of the person who seemingly designs their own fashion and style, regardless as to whether or not someone else is wearing the same thing. Or, think of the person who dares to share her own opinion in a room full of others who completely disagree or, the marathon runner missing both legs below the knee who was told he'd never run again.

These people do not allow the false noise to take up residence. They go within and listen to the voice within themselves, the voice that tells them that they can and that anything is possible. They allow themselves to fully trust that inner voice, that voice that tells them that they can make a difference or that they can live the life they dream of living.

We hear this voice when we drown out the false noise and we drown out this false noise by going within. It is in that silence we begin to listen, to hear, and to know.

- Translation Love

The Rain Reminds Me

I look out the window and I see the rain. I see the fog as it moves across the sky, the swaying of the trees as the wind breathes her breath of life upon the life that thrives upon the planet. The river swells and churns with each strong gust.

I see these things and I begin to think about the natural unfoldment of life, specifically nature. The wind blows because she knows it's what she should do. She realizes that part of her purpose is to move the leaves and the water. She does so without ponder and without fear. The fog seamlessly moves across the sky and the rain falls, providing nourishment for the trees, along with animals and humans alike. 

None of them, the rain, fog, or wind question why. They do so because they are living their purpose. A bear doesn't question whether or not he should grab the fish. He does so because it is his nature. It is part of what he was made to do.

Why as humans, are we so fearful of living our purpose? Why do we ponder? Why do we fear?  

When you feel fear, remember the wind. When you feel fear, remember the fog and the rain. When you feel fear, remember the bear that catches the fish. When you feel fear, remember that you have a purpose and that everything, yes everything is okay. 

- Translation Love


A New Journey

It's often been said that the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

I knew something had to change. Exactly what that "something" was, was still beyond me at that point. I would wake each morning, feeling as if I had taken a wrong turn somewhere along the path. That turn seemed to grow perpetually smaller until eventually, it had come to a dead end.

I looked to my right and saw a similar path yet, it felt too similar and in fact, I realized that it appeared almost identical to the path I had taken before. It had its differences of course yet, it was comfortable, easy and not in the least bit challenging.

I looked to the left and saw something similar. Again, it offered comfort and familiarity.

I looked back, realizing that to go back would be completely fruitless. It would be as if I had completed this journey for naught. Yes, it offered comfort but comfort was something I could no longer seek. I looked ahead and stared at what seemed to be dead end, into the thick brush. I could not see beyond that which was directly in front of me. I saw areas covered by shadows but I knew that I could use my light to find my way. No, I did not know where that seemingly nonexistent path led. I knew not where it ended but I knew, somehow I simply knew that it was mine to take. I knew that it was mine to blaze. I knew it might be tough and uncertain at times, or that it might contain thorns but I knew that it was time. It was time to become comfortable within the uncomfortable. I turned forward and slowly, ever so slowly, I began to take that first step.....

It is now your turn. Which path are you going to take?

- Translation....Love

The Choice is Yours

Wow. Has it really been a year since I actually posted in my blog? For some reason I have been posting on social media while completely ignoring my blog. I mean, I pay for it. Right? So may as well use it! Now that I have gotten that out of the way….

Ministerial school is quickly coming to a close for me. I cannot believe that it has been three years already. I sometimes look back and wonder where exactly the time has gone yet, I’m also able to look back and witness my journey of spiritual growth. I recently had a minister ask me about my path. The main thing I said to her is that I am absolutely not the same person who began the program.

One thing I do remember at the beginning was thinking about the fact that my schooling would take a total of four years (I must complete an internship after graduation this June). Four years! How in the world was I going to spend four years completing this program? I then remember thinking that it would take sooooo long! The thought then hit me however that those four years were going to pass regardless as to whether I was in the program or not. I only had to decide if I was still going to be sitting there four years later still wanting to complete the program, or actually having completed it. I probably don’t need to tell you which I chose.

One of the largest destroyers of our dreams can be our inaction. We think about something we wish to achieve during our lives and it stays just that…only a wish. We think about doing it, only to then turn around and think of all the excuses as to why we can’t. Excuses such as the following may enter your mind:

  • “I don’t have enough time.”
  • “I have bills to pay.”
  • “I’m not smart/skilled enough.”
  • “Me?? Do that?? I could never!”

That list can be endless and it can be debilitating. Those thoughts come straight from ego. Often we think of ego as being an overinflated version of ourselves. I picture the cartoon with the little angel sitting on one shoulder, the little devil sitting on the other. The angel is prodding you along, telling you how great you are, while the little devil is poking you with its little pitchfork, telling you all of the reasons why you can’t. The ego doesn’t always provide those feelings of grandiosity. You see, the ego realizes that you have the choice to push it back into the recesses of your mind. It knows that you have the choice to simply take it for what it is, and to ignore it. The ego however does not want to be ignored. It wants to remain right where it is; in the forefront of your mind. It wants/needs you to believe those excuses it provides because then it is allowed to thrive.

Like the cartoon, we have a choice. That choice is to take your hand and knock that little devil, the ego, off of your shoulder. Take a look around you and think about the people who have done just that. Think of great teachers, inventors, and others who have achieved greatness. They knocked the ego off of their shoulder and so can you.

Know that you are powerful. You have a choice and most importantly, you are loved.


It's Indeed a Beautiful Day!

Good morning, everyone! It's a beautiful day. As I let my dogs out this morning, I stood in the yard, staring toward the sun as it began it's beautiful, artistic ascent into the morning sky. My first thought to myself was, "It is indeed a beautiful day!"

Yesterday was a day of grief for some, a day of celebration for others. News revealed a mix of protests, tears, joy, fear, anger and a wide range of emotion.

Regardless as to whether your chosen presidential candidate won the election or not, it is a time to ban together. It is a time to recognize our oneness with each other as spiritual beings, having a human experience.

It is time to visualize the world we wish to have for not only ourselves, but for our leaders as well. It is time to visualize strength, wisdom, knowledge, love, peace and kindness. It is time to visualize this for every person we meet.

Don't look down or barely glance at another person as you pass on the sidewalk. Catch and look into their eyes, if only briefly. It is there where you will witness "the window to the soul". It is there where you will glimpse, if only for a second, our oneness with each other.

Don't give up hope. Continue to pray, continue to meditate, continue to love, continue to visualize.

Don't let this change you. Always remember who you are at your core. Always remember that we are indeed, one.

It's Time to Dance With JOY!

I ponder the topic as I prepare the lesson this week's version of adult version "Sunday School" at church. That topic is "joy".....

So often we sit and think about such things as:

"When I retire, I can finally find peace!"

"I will be so happy if I get that new job!"

"I will be happy once I finish school!"

"If only I could find the perfect partner. I could finally live my life!"

It could be a derivative of any of those things or anything really. There's a major problem with statements such as these. That problem is that we are under the assumption that a source outside of ourselves is responsible for our joy. We sit in the expectation that once an outer event FINALLY occurs, we can experience true joy and true happiness.

It's not about that however. It's all about YOU and what is inside of you. You and you alone are responsible for your joy. I know many times it feels easier said than done. I know it's difficult to sit there after a job loss and loudly proclaim, "I FEEL JOY!! WHOOO-HOOO!"

Ideally, the paths we experience in life take us from Point A to Point B without any hindrance. We arrive at the destination completely unscathed. Yet, would we have learned anything? What if that path isn't so straight? What if we experience crossroads, flat tires and other challenges along the way? What if, just what if you actually learn to trust yourself and the process? What if that flat tire allows you to actually exit the comfortable confines of your vehicle, forcing you to pay attention to the sounds of nature that would otherwise be muted by the sounds of your car engine? What if that beautiful landscape provides the artist with the perfect blend of colors she will use to create a beautiful painting?

Our perspective can bring us joy or it can bring us something less but is that what you really want? Is it really worth living a life of "when" or "if only"?

That joy is within you right now. Choose to take it. Choose to grab it by force because it's yours and nothing or no one can take that joy from you. It's yours.