Who ARE You?

twins.pngPhoto by Parker Whitson on Unsplash

Well, not exactly. I invite you to step into my office for a moment and allow me to further explain...

You meet a new person (NP) and it goes something like this:

NP: Hi, I'm Mike. It's nice to meet you. How are you?

You: Hi, Mike. I'm Mary. It's nice to meet you as well. How are you?

NP: I'm great! So what do you do, Mary?

You: I'm great also. Thank you for asking, Mike. I am a teacher.

It just goes from there. Mary is now describing herself as a teacher and Mike will likely also describe himself by whatever he does to earn money. While these things are indeed a part of us, they describe more of what it is we do rather than what or who we are.

Let me ask this...if Mary were to switch careers 10 years from now to become an electrician never to touch numbers again, would she still be an accountant? I once met a woman who left her career as a lawyer to become a writer. In other words, those things we do for work are not set in stone. (Some of us do enter into this world with gifts and those things we seem destined to do but, it's still not who we are at our core.) 

I invite you to do something today. Think about it for a moment and post below. How would you describe yourself if I was to ask you who you are. The challenge? Don't use your job title. For instance, I AM a Divine Light. Your turn! Post below in our "Comments" section!

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