Imagine a World Where We Are All Exactly Alike

"Them" versus "Us" or "Us" versus "Them". I'm not quite certain that I will ever understand it. There is no "Them". There is only "Us". We most certainly all have our own opinions and beliefs. Why wouldn't or shouldn't we?

Can you imagine how the world would be if we all agreed on every single thing? Imagine if we all chose blue as our favorite color. Imagine if we all favored Italian food. Imagine if we all favored the same style of pants. Imagine if we all enjoyed the same movie, book, or flavors of coffee. Imagine if we were all passionate about the same issues. 


I'm thinking the world would be a pretty bland place. I'm thinking that not much would ever be accomplished. I'm thinking that we would seldom ever truly learn. 

Our differences are what make us beautiful. Imagine a beautiful field of flowers for instance. Imagine that the flowers are all a beautiful purple. They are rich, velvety and a dark shade of purple. Now, however imagine that red flowers begin to grow among the purple. Suddenly, yellow flowers also begin to appear. The field becomes more beautiful due to the distinct, different colors that appear. 

I attended a youth camp just this last weekend. During the camp, we began to chant the rolling, "OM". The sound was amazingly beautiful. Part of the beauty was the different pitches of each voice. While they all came together as one, they were also different and distinct, each adding its own unique sound. 

Imagine a world where we are all exactly alike? No thanks. I'll take different and unique any day!