The Secret to Staying Excited in Life

I wasn't going to write this week. I was going to skip this blog post altogether. Shame on me, but wait. I do have good reason. That reason is a reason that some of you also share....GRADUATION! I (we) are graduating on Monday. Some of us as licensed ministers (with ordination next year) and some of us with ordination. It's a time for joy and a time to just bask in happiness, achievement and a job well-done.

These exciting times tend to happen a lot in life. Something we've dreamed about for a long time finally comes to fruition. Something we have worked very hard for finally becomes reality. Something that was once a dream is now tangible. When this happens, we feel excitement. We feel as if we are literally walking on air. We walk with our heads held high, our chests puffed out in front of us, swaggering down the street but then, then we allow that excitement to fade. We achieve that sought-after desire, enjoy the moment, and then simply allow the feeling of that moment to fade. 



It's almost like an emotional roller coaster, isn't it? Wouldn't it be great if we could simply bottle it up and keep it with us; to pull that bottle out at any moment and sprinkle ourselves with some kind of excitement cologne? Well, the good news is that you can. Yes, you can! Okay, maybe not in the form of cologne but, you can bring that excitement back into your life at any moment. 

I'm going to do something cruel here....very, very cruel. I am going to leave you with a cliff hanger. Join me next week to find out exactly how to keep that excitement! You won't be disappointed.