Don't Read This Blog Post!

So you accepted my challenge and opened this email even though I asked you not to. I feared that might happen. Okay, let me think about this for a moment. Well, I might as well just go ahead and say it.....

I must confess the fact that I have made a mistake. Yep, a giant mistake. Don't worry. It's nothing too far fetched. I mean, I haven't decided to pack my things and move to a Tibetan monastery (however, wow...doesn't that actually sound pretty great??). 

So my mistake was not asking you how I can best serve you. I'm going to sound very cliche here when I admit that I entered ministry with a mission and that mission? That mission was to serve people. Yeah, yeah. I know. It doesn't sound quite as grand as stating that my goal was to walk to the ends of the earth searching for the solution to world peace, or to set off for distance lands with nothing but the clothes on my back. While that actually sounds very admirable, that isn't the reason I began my ministerial journey. I began that journey to be of service to others, and to be of service to others, I must find what it is that others need.

I haven't yet done that and that is my mistake so now I ask you. If I could do one thing for you today, what would that one thing be? (Or simply hit reply if you are on my emailing list! Not on my emailing list? Click here to join and to claim a special, free gift!)