Peace. Right Here, Right Now

I will soon be giving a talk that includes peace. The actual moral of the story will be on how to bring more of it into your life. Let's face it....who doesn't want more peace? I know that I do, especially right now. For instance, I log onto my computer and I immediately begin to have constant reminders thrown at me....reminders about just how much of a state of fear and anxiety we find ourselves in. Let me ask a deeper question however. Are the fear and anxiety real or, are they perhaps merely an illusion? 

Do we feed into a collective consciousness when send our fears and our anxieties out into the world? Do we begin to pass them on to other people, much as we would a virus? What if instead, I allow myself to feel those feelings without any form of resistance? I recently watched a video about feelings and it mentioned how most, if allowed to be, will only last for about 90 seconds. So in others words, if I am feeling fearful in any given moment, I can simply allow it to be. I can sit with it without any form of judgment or resistance. I can acknowledge it, allow it to move through me and then eventually completely out of me. 

It's in those moments of resistance when it begins to grow....those moments where I try to fight it without simply allowing it to be. It grows and before long, those around me begin to catch it as well. It begins to engulf every other person I come into contact with and continues to grow if they also choose to resist it. 

See the pattern here? This post could eventually merge into a complete sermon of sorts so I will stop here and leave you with this....allow those feelings to be. They won't always feel pleasant in the moment but sit with them and simply allow them to be. Allow them move through you and allow them move on out.

This is the beginning of finding true peace. 

- Translation Love