My Realization

There are days where I feel very strongly attached to the spiritual realm. Take yesterday for instance. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the sun was shining brightly through the windows. Even the flowers seemed to take advantage, welcoming the upcoming spring with their opening petals and brilliant colors. I drove home in a state of pure bliss, paying attention to even the smallest of details; the seemingly lone tree at the top of the hill that I hadn’t yet noticed, the fish jumping up out of the water, leaving behind ripples of her presence, the bald eagle perched high up in the tree, the cloud drifting lazily along.

Nature has always held a spiritual significance for me, for it is where I have always felt the closest to God, to Spirit. When I allow myself the moment to bask within its beauty, I feel there is nothing I cannot accomplish. It’s as if the world, including myself, becomes smaller somehow, those things that seem like problems suddenly not feeling so insurmountable.

It’s in that moment where I realize that spreadsheet or that email can wait. In that moment, the world becomes mine, if only even within my own little corner. It’s in that moment where I feel the presence of God, grasping the realization that I am not alone. It’s in that moment where the realization that God is not only everywhere but, also within.

       - Translation Love