Wherever You Go, There You Are

Ever try to run from an unresolved issue, only to find that it has run along with there with you, never having left your side? I used to do this. For instance, I’d grow very unhappy with a job, so would begin to search for and eventually find another one. I’d start that job and before long, I’d look around and find that the issue that drove me to leave the previous one was still there, lurking just around the corner. It took me a long while to finally acknowledge that the issue wasn’t with the job at all. It was with me instead. There was no running away from it. That issue needed to be resolved or I’d never be rid of it. So you see, we take ourselves with us wherever we go.

Those things that haunt us in life….those things that make us feel miserable….those things that make us want to pack our bags and disappear….those things that cause us pain, fear, anxiety….those things that cause those feelings or fears of abandonment….they are not going to go away simply because we change something external in our lives. While it’s true that an external change may work for a bit, it isn’t likely to last.

We can move to a new city, wear different clothes, drive a new car, change relationships….whatever the case may be but, it is still not going to go away until we finally acknowledge that the change must come from within. It starts with you. There is no running. There is no hiding. There is no pretending as if it doesn’t exist because trust me…wherever you go, there you are.

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