The Translation Love Super Bowl Post Game

As most of you are aware, yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday. During the game, I decided to log into some of my social media accounts, just to read what people were saying. I found excitement, humor, anger, and just about every emotion one can think of for such an event. One thing however stood out to me the most. That one thing was the fact that for a moment, everyone seemed to come together. I mean sure, many people were rooting for different teams but, we all came together with that excited banter.

As most things do however, the game eventually came to an end. A team had won and had become our new Super Bowl champions. The crowd roared and went wild. Confetti and streamers were thrown into the air and a party atmosphere ensued. Yet, this also came to an end and despite the post-game parties, a new dawn eventually emerged.

The Super Bowl is over and people have resumed their lives but I am left with questions. Why is it that we come together in solidarity over events such as the Super Bowl? Why can’t we maintain that level of coming together? Why can’t we simply appreciate our own unique perspectives and have that uniqueness respected, even if it differs from that of our neighbor?

What would this look like? What would this look like to you?

- Translation….Love