Love is in the air....

We're seeing Valentine's Day commercials and party announcements. We're seeing an increase in jewelry store commercials, instructing viewers that they have the perfect gift, just for her (or him)!

One common theme that you're likely to notice around Valentine's Day is of course the theme of love but, the theme of love for another person. We don't see commercials stating, "Treat yourself at our restaurant this Valentine's Day!" or, "This ring is the perfect gift to show you just how much you love yourself!" These commercials and ads just simply do not seem to exist or at least if they do, I haven't seen them.

So one thing I want to ask is, how do we begin to show ourselves more self-love? How do we bring more of this into our lives? I'm not talking about an inflated ego type of self-love. I'm talking about things such as respect and forgiveness, things we use to nurture ourselves.

Join me on Valentine's Day as I give a recorded talk on how the holiday doesn't have to center only around whether or not Cupid has hit his target. Join me as I discuss self-love and how you can experience more of it!

Here's to candy hearts, chocolates and our favorite, chocolate-covered strawberries!


- Translation....Love