Today I Choose

Good Friday morning!

I wanted to create a post of a different kind today. Looking through Facebook and other forms of social media, I've noticed how many people mention how "awful" everything is right now.

We are certainly free to look at that way if we choose. For me, I walk outside and I hear the sounds of the birds singing. I notice the varying hues of pinks and oranges as the sun both rises and sets. I hear the sound of grass being mowed, a memory that takes me back to my... summer breaks as a child...the days of playing outside with my friends until the voice of my father carried over the summer breeze, telling my sister and I that it was time to come in for the night.

I see the butterfly moving gently with the breeze, its wings offering beauty to the eye of the beholder and mellow transport for the innocent creature.

I read stories of random acts of kindness to people perceived as complete strangers. I witness human beings offering the safety of something as simple as a hug to others, or perhaps a small touch to the shoulder of a friend when a caring gesture is needed.

I see stories of survival such as with the flooding in neighboring states, and how quickly people will rush to help those in need.

No, today I choose to not listen to media that wants me to see my surroundings as a terrible place. Today, I choose to see the best in humankind, even if it seems they have lost their way. Today, I choose beauty and kindness. Today, I choose peace and joy. Today, I choose a beautiful life.

Today, I choose.